CCHR and Paul Zentveld (Lake Alice Survivor) to Front at UN Committee Against Torture April 21st 2015

Steve Green and Paul Zentveld leaving Auckland for Geneva

Steve Green, the executive director of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights New Zealand (CCHR NZ) and Paul Zentveld, a Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital survivor, flew to Geneva Saturday 18th April 2015 to have a private sitting with the UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT). They will be speaking to the Committee on the 20th April about human rights violations by the New Zealand (NZ) State against NZ institutional historic abuse survivors.
The New Zealand Government is scheduled to appear before the Committee for their 6th periodic review on the 21/4/15.
The CCHR has filed a shadow report surrounding human rights violations against Lake Alice Survivors. My own shadow report and that of Cooper Legal, covering human rights violations against NZ’s institutional historic abuse survivors, have also been presented to the Committee and are available online at the UN OHCHR site here…. (Scroll down page to NZ and open link “Info from civil society organizations”). Other than this, the NZ Human Rights Commission has covered the NZ State’s handling of the historic abuse claims, in detail, and is asking the Committee for guidance on several human rights issues re the State’s handling of claims.

Media surrounding this story found here…..

NZ’s 6th Periodic Review before the UNCAT can be viewed here (webcast)

Update from 9/5/15

At this point the UNCAT have made a very telling statement which reads:

JENS MODVIG, Committee Expert and Rapporteur on follow-up to concluding observations, said the aim of the Committee’s follow-up procedure on periodic State party reporting was to establish changes that occurred as a result of the Committee’s recommendations to a State party.  Since the recommendations selected for the follow-up procedure had to be achievable within one year, the Committee decided the procedure should be limited to four issues which involved serious concerns and were protective in their nature.  The four issues were: access to fundamental safeguards in connection with the deprivation of liberty; prompt, impartial and effective investigations of allegations of torture and ill-treatment; prosecution of persons accused of acts of torture and punishment if found guilty; and redress to the victims of torture or ill-treatment.


Based on New Zealand’s flagrant disregard for human rights and numerous violations of their international legal obligations as a signatory party of the Convention Against Torture, reading between the lines we expect the New Zealand Government will be called to task in the Committee’s findings and concluding observations which are due to be released in the next week or so. Stay tuned!

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One comment on “CCHR and Paul Zentveld (Lake Alice Survivor) to Front at UN Committee Against Torture April 21st 2015

  1. Beverley Turner on said:

    Devastating – the levels of torture suffered by so many of all ages..
    Horrific – that it has taken so long for treatment to be recognised as having happenend in NZ and as being torture
    To be congratulated – brave victims prepared to speak out and determined NGOs such as CCHR who are tirelessly advocating for justice for survivors

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