Copies of the shadow reports lodged with the UNCAT 2015

Copies/pdf downloads of the shadow reports lodged with the UNCAT, surrounding human rights violations in the historic abuse claims, for New Zealand’s 6th periodic review, April 2015. UNCAT 54th Session.

My Submission – very in depth and dissects statistical data and raises numerous violations including highlighting violations under Article 14 with regards to UNCAT general comment No. 3 – right to redress

The NZ Human Rights Commission (NZHRC) – the national peak body for human rights asking the Committee for direction and calling on a public apology

Cooper Legal – legal aid for many historic abuse claimants raises serious concerns around the claims processes. Cooper Legal, prior to this report also lodged a shadow report in 2009 which highlighted rights violations against claimants

CCHR NZ (Citizens Commission on Human Rights NZ) – largely surrounding psychiatric institution abuse but also questioning the historic abuse claims processes. Steve Green from the CCHR and Paul Zentveld, a onetime Lake Alice patient, were present in Geneva during the NZ review and spoke in person to the Committee.

One comment on “Copies of the shadow reports lodged with the UNCAT 2015

  1. tziporamayer on said:

    Most claims do not go to court in Canada
    Children are threatened with jail or nut house
    If they try to push to have their day in court

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