Deb’s Historic Abuse Claim Feedback

I would also like to add from my experience with the Ministry of Social Development.

As people know who have been through the experience, we are “invited” to share our experience and form of complaint with a room full of strangers. WTF. Whose there to protect who.

Following that we have to wait until they do their own investigation. In other words, until they can prove we are telling the truth.!!!  In my opinion, the whole experience was just a government public relations exercise to cover their own butts and look to be doing something to address the historical claims being made public.

If you think about it, this investigative committee was set up on the back of historic abuse claims coming forward from people abused within Catholic institutions.  We may be damaged but we’re not fuckin idiots!!

Also, When I asked for information showing how they came to that financial amount I was told “you’re lucky to get anything, some people got nothing”.

Also, for people who are seeking to get their records. It’s easy enough but for me it was another “slap in the face” because so much was erased (blacked out) and apparently missing. Leaving me once again, with no factual evidence to back up my complaint.

In my case, the person admitted the abuse but when I approached the police over 20 years ago, I was told “in our opinion, its more of a moral complaint than a legal complaint”.

After the Ministry did their own investigation, they wanted me to approach the police again (they had spoken with police) in order to try and convict this man. I told them what they could do with that suggestion!

In the end I too was “awarded” 30k by Ministry of Social Development. The way I was treated during and towards the completion of investigation was appalling.

I was told “now you’ll have some money to go on a nice little holiday” now you can “move on”. WTF you cant just erase the memories. Especially in my case as I overdosed (because of the abuse) and am now legally blind. Not a day goes past where I don’t feel “branded” by my abuser. I can have all the counselling available but I will always have to live (exist) with the consequences of my actions in a desperate attempt to stop the abuse. I believe institutional abuse is the most horrific forms of abuse in terms of the degree of trust that is exploited upon an already damaged, vulnerable teenager. In my opinion, the 30k and the “generic letter of apology” was an insult.


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  1. on said:

    Deb, just a point re your understanding of “claims coming forward from people abused within Catholic institutions.” It’s actually far more complex than this and goes back to the Lake Alice cases and then the historic claims arising thereafter. New Zealand has already been hauled over the coals at the UNCAT about the historic abuse claims and is due to face the UNCAT again for their 6th periodic review in about May 2015. You will find an early draft of a UNCAT submission I have lodged with the Committee here and an open letter I wrote to NZ parliament here

  2. Daryl Brougham on said:

    Hi Debb, I absolutely hear what your saying. I too have done a historical claim and was awarded 70K for 18 years in care with over 50 placements including America. I too was told now you can move on with your life. I was happy with the apology letter as this will be used as validating evidence towards the publication of my book. Like most I was emotionally, physically, sexually and mentally abused. At the age of five I was found in a house in the states where I was nearly dead and reports stated I was locked in the room for two years. What was even more shocking was I was sent to the USA from New Zealand and the MSD new that these people were abusing me and another. I was so lucky to have of been with someone else at the same time or I feared they would not believe me. In the end I deserved a lot more than 70K as half of that is already gone on medical bills and my medical condition due to a life in State Care. By the way I am also undergoing ACC sensitive claim in regards to a life in state care. I suggest all to follow the same suit. By the way everybody be very carefull as I was told my claim is not part of income. But the truth is its not classed as income for the first year and in the second year it is seen as a cash asset. by us all sticking together comes a stronger voice. Mauri Ora Daryl Brougham

    • admin_grant on said:

      Thanks for that Darryl and absolutely agree that by all sticking together provides us a stronger voice. The reason why this site went up was to give us a voice and slowly since early 2012 we have been able to begin putting together the dots and link up. One of the greatest allies the State has is our silence —- to change that we need to be unified and have a voice both in cyberspace and in the real world. Kia kaha and thanks

  3. Ann Pickering on said:

    It has me wondering when getting a sensitive claim sounds like acc thinks you want it because of the money its not about the money it is about all the pain and memories it had over your life what they don’t understand if it hasn’t happen to them how the hell do they know what your feeling I see written they give apology letter but for what them been slow at there job or they really are concerted my husband has been through mental and Sociological trauma that he cries in his sleep and says no don’t hurt me he is 55 years old when he wakes he doesn’t talk for a while I have been with him over 20 years and that is what I witness off him so crawl the system he believes the system let him down big time

    • admin_grant on said:

      Yeah look the whole sensitive claims thing is beyond a joke where they treat trauma as a physical injury and how impaired the injury has made an individual. Beyond that the highest sum that can be awarded is $89.00 a week to a person they deem totally injured and unable to work as a result of the injury. Most get nothing after they bring in their hatchet doctors and make claimants jump through rings only to then tell them essentially that they aren’t impaired which is yet another slap in the face for anyone who is suffering from PTSD/C-PTSD. Basically, the whole ACC process is about screwing people who apply for ACC and this extends to the sensitive claims. I haven’t even bothered lodging a claim because I simply don’t need that type of grief.

      • findgreta on said:

        And if you do get an impairment rate of 25% ( very rare I was told) you get $396 every 13 weeks that’s HUGE.Thats a ‘real compensation’ as far as ACC are concerned.I Was kidnapped and held captive for 9 months when I was 15 yrs old.Horrific abuse.I vomited when I was told on the phone by the sniggering ACC person.I am not sure if she thought it was good or her sniggering was because she was so nervous telling me such a pitiful amount.

  4. Yea agree with you all. I’m a 59 year male and opened a can of worms of what happened to me 49 years ago by a Catholic priest, it was heinous. Now under investigation and the church won’t realase the investergators report to me so I can read about myself, but no way, so now I’m going via official information act to get a copy. And I bet there will be parts of it blacked out. As far as ACC goes they have been good, however I think there is a lot of PC warm fuzziness. Bottom line is I’m the victim of 18 months of abuse involving a girl towards the end and now I have to prove I’m not spinning a story. Why the he’ll would I . This has contaminated my life with 2 attempts at suaside and it’s starting over again, I’m really afraid, I really am.

  5. Tui-Ann Matthews on said:

    Hi, in the years of 1974, 1976, 1977. 1978, 1979 I was a state ward.I would like to know how I can get in touch with someone in regards to the abuse that took place in those years that I was in Family Homes, Girls’ Homes, and other institutions. Please could you help me. I feel I am ready to come forward now, I hope it’s not to late.Thank you
    Tui Matthews

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