Marie’s Claims Feedback

I got offered a lousy 5 grand through the MSD Fast Track scheme. I at first refused it and emailed them and told what I thought of it but then my job came to an end and regretfully I accepted their offer…. wished I didn’t but too late now.

Another reason I took it was because I lodged my claim over 8 years ago and then also did that listening thing (Confidential Listening and Assistance Service) through internal affairs but CYFS said because I never laid a complaint or told my case manager at the time what was happening so there was no proof I told them I was young and was threatened not to tell and intimidated by foster parents so if I let it go full investigation I might not have got anything at all.

What made me mad was when Garth Young rang and I asked him why is that someone else I know got offered $40 grand and I only got offered 5 grand and what did they base my claim on and he said that what happened to the person that got offered 40 grand would have been significant and then I said so what happened to me was not significant? He had no answer and just said that I don’t have to accept the offer knowing full well that I would probably take it due to my circumstances so being abused physically every day by my foster mother to the point that she would knock me out cold and then give me Valium’ from her own meds to calm me down and rubbing my nose in cat shit and flushing my head down the toilet… being her housework slave calling me a little slut and that I enjoyed it when my father raped me at the age of 6 years and using my clothing funds to buy clothes for her own son… banging my head against a rusty nail causing a hole in the back of my head and it getting infected oh the list goes on but to them it was insignificant arggghhh!!!

I even emailed them and said gee if that is all you think my life is worth I may as well go kill myself and worst part is I have never felt suicidal in my whole life and I have been through a lot all my life and I be 50 thus year but that was a rap blow as I had just bout given up on my claim and then got sent the letter about fast track and felt like I was worth something then saw what theory offered a and was furious after all I had to tell my story twice and that was hard opening can of worms

Gee sorry just had to have that little bleat but thing is it’s because of her I have absolutely zero confidence and had a massive impact on my life just as much as what my own father had done to me and all cyfs can say is here is 5 grand now go away….

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