My Submission to the UN Committee Against Torture 2015

Shortly after settling my historic claim in 2012, and based on the rights violations I encountered in the claims process (denial of legal aid, denial of an independent and impartial investigation, denial of a meaningful apology, denial of adequate redress), I undertook an MA in Human Rights at Curtin University, Western Australia. While choosing not to complete the MA (it was out of my price range) I completed four units of eight with a High Distinction average. Using the knowledge I had gained from this study I lodged a submission/shadow report with the UN Committee Against Torture surrounding human rights violations in the historic claims processes.

While the submission outlines my case to highlight the human rights violations that present across the historic claims process I did my very best to speak on behalf of all the historic abuse claimants as just one voice of many. That is, my story is hardly unique -  a smorgasbord of human rights violations present in the New Zealand State’s historic abuse claims process and, hence, put simply, claimants who had their rights violated as children by the New Zealand State (and/or representatives thereof) are now having their rights violated by that same State again.

My submission, along with several others, played a significant role in having the New Zealand State called to task on rights violations against New Zealand’s historic abuse claimants.

Download copy of my  submission here (local server)

And here (UN website)

Copy of the New Zealand State’s 6th Periodic Review (2015) report here (section relevant to historic claims from MOJ website)

Full copy from UN site here…



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