NZ Politicians Defending the Human Rights of Convicted Pedophiles, Rapists and Violent Offenders

On the 11/11/15 New Zealand’s opposition Labour Party along with Green Party members staged a walk out of parliament in the defense of New Zealand citizens who have been convicted of crimes in Australia and are currently being held in Australian immigration detention centres awaiting appeals on deportation orders. The walk out came after NZ PM John Key, who was asked by Labour what he was going to do about New Zealand criminals being housed at Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre, responded by saying that among the people Labour were championing were “rapists, child molesters and murderers” .

On this front PM John Key was uncharacteristically almost honest (I stress “almost”). I.e. of the 500 or so convicted criminals that the New Zealand Labour Party have been championing over the weeks there are 22 murderers, 16 rapists and 34 pedophiles. In the meantime, the New Zealand Labour Party who act as opposition in a country that currently has one of the highest rates of child abuse and the single highest rate of domestic violence in the developed world and who have stood by and remained absolutely silent (not a word) about the now UN confirmed human rights violations against New Zealand’s historic abuse claimants have never seen fit to stage a similar stunt in support of the victims of the kind of human vermin that Australia is now rightfully and lawfully returning to New Zealand.

In other words, while the NZ Labour party and ‘Greens’ have chosen to act as the champion for the rights of the perpetrators of often horrendous crimes committed in Australia by New Zealand citizens against, typically, Australian citizens they have not seen fit to defend the rights of some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable citizens, most of whom currently reside in New Zealand and all of whom have had their human rights categorically violated as New Zealanders by New Zealanders while in New Zealand territory.

What’s wrong with this picture?


Labour have been battling for weeks and months for the NZ citizens held in detention in Australia as they fight deportation orders, trying to make out these parasites on Australian society are victims. They have glossed over the fact that they have all been sentenced to at least a year in prison. For the record, to get a year in prison in Australia you need to either be a recidivist offender or a reasonably serious offender. You don’t go to prison for one burglary.

Additionally, based on Australian domestic law a few other Kiwis who haven’t been convicted of serious criminal offences in Australia are being detained and deported based on section 501 (refusal or cancellation of visa on character grounds) of the Australian Immigration Act 1958. This one is definitely somewhat controversial from a human rights perspective but walking out of parliament in support of a few ex-patriot New Zealanders who have chosen to breach their Australian visa regulations through belonging to what are deemed to be organized criminal groups while saying absolutely nothing about the same National Government incontestably violating the human rights of over a thousand historic abuse claimants…? C’mon! Other than the few visas cancelled on character grounds while no murderers are housed on Christmas Island the list does include Kiwis who are guilty of manslaughter, pedophilia, armed robbery, aggravated assault and family violence. Additionally, Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told Australian media on Tuesday that out of the 200 detainees on Christmas Island, there were four rapists. Their nationality was not known, although it stands to reason that at least one (likely more) of these rapists is Kiwi. Let’s, however, give Labour  the benefit of the doubt and just say what we absolutely know is that they are defending pedophiles, women and child beaters and other human scourge.  Given this, the hypocrisy of screaming human rights violations for this Kiwi effluent is astounding and the fact that New Zealand’s key opposition political party would defend the rights of perpetrators of abuse, while callously ignoring the rights of the abused simply floored me.

Essentially Labour and their allies are, among others, defending pedophiles and men convicted of domestic violence which is an attack on anyone who was either sexually or physically abused as a child and another kick in the guts to all women who have been victims of domestic violence. Pretty rich stuff coming from a country that has a horrendous record of child abuse and domestic violence. But then given the form of New Zealand’s politicians that is hardly surprising… Quid pro quo!

Actually, let’s quickly take a look at a few of the people Labour and the Greens so valiantly defend as victims of human rights abuses.

A J Graham once likened to an “assassin” following a vicious knife attack in 1999 in which a man’s Achilles tendons were slashed. In 2009, Graham was jailed again after a terrifying attack on a teenage insurance investigator, inflicted in broad daylight.

New Zealand-born Joel Royston Makaea, 34, was arrested and taken into immigration detention in Perth. Makaea is the sergeant-at-arms of the Rebels’ Bentley-based chapter and has lived in Perth since March 2005.

Sold to Kiwis as a hero who served in the NZ Army – the problem is that in Australia he wears another uniform. That of the Rebels MC which is deemed a criminal organization by Australian authorities (BTW, this is about the best of a very bad bunch!).












The New Zealand “501s” – What Labour and the Greens Walked out of Parliament for  

Dozens of Kiwis are locked up at the Christmas Island Australian detention facility – some had their visas revoked on character grounds under section 501 of Australia’s Migration Act, earning them the nickname “501s”.

But while they may not have committed crimes, fellow detainees say inside Christmas Island detention centre, the Kiwis are anything but innocent.

Recent New Zealand media coverage had this to say:

A mob of aggressive New Zealanders has been terrorising other detainees inside Christmas Island detention centre for weeks, leaving asylum-seekers fearing for their lives.

A distressed Lebanese detainee told The Australian he feared for his life at the hands of the 501s during a riot that broke out on Monday.

 “They’re f***ing going to kill me … We are in danger. You need to tell someone who cares that our prison is in the hands of very serious criminals.

He said the New Zealanders had beaten more than 20 weaker detainees over the last month, stealing their phones and other property.

“These Kiwis are like a group. There’s about 25 of them. Very, very strong and they are very, very aggressive. We have problems with them. They call us dogs. Dogs and b****es.

I got bashed by 14 men … My eyes are destroyed. I cannot see more than 20m. They ­f***ing ­destroyed my life.”

So it is not the evil Australian Government’s guards the asylum seekers are scared of, but the NZ detainees who Labour and the Greens are championing.

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton previously told ABC no New Zealanders convicted of minor offences were on Christmas Island.

The revelation comes as Australia removed seven New Zealanders from the Christmas Island detention centre and transferred them to a high-maximum security prison in Western Australia, where they may face prosecution after rioting at Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre.

You can perhaps see and tell that the 501s themselves aren’t especially big on respecting human rights. In fact, the UN, the world’s peak human rights body, who takes their mandate to protect the rights of the refugee very seriously would be less than impressed that lawful asylum seekers are being incarcerated with vicious, hardened Kiwi criminals on Christmas Island. As one Kiwi observed/questioned:

“Why would Labour/Greens or any sane person ever want to back all those very serious abhorrent criminals to come to New Zealand . — 34 have been convicted of child sex offenses — 22 convicted for murder — 16 convicted for rape and or sexual offenses! Makes you wonder of the character of those that support them!”

Of course, one also wonders what Labour and their flighty allies will have to say when the scourge that is returned from Australia to New Zealand begins raping, molesting and murdering New Zealand citizens. Will they then be so keen to champion their rights ?

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When Hypocrites Cherry Pick Human Rights

The fact is that Labour and their allies have very little basis to claim human rights abuses by Australia against New Zealand citizens. At best the only human right that covers what is occurring on Christmas Island covers those who are being deported from Australia on the basis of “character grounds” and falls under the refugee convention and the right not to be refouled. The problem with this is that Kiwis have never sort asylum in Australia – the boarder has always been open to them (no visa required) and a million or more Kiwis have flooded in over the years. Now New Zealand has taken issue to the fact that Australia is returning some of the less desirable elements that have hemorrhaged from New Zealand into Australia over many years. This, of course, misses the point that as with any sovereign State Australia has the right, both under domestic and international law, to deport foreign citizens who lack good character or are convicted of crimes in their territory. In fact, in reality, Australia could legally deport any New Zealand citizen convicted of any criminal offense from Australia, time served or not. On this basis, perhaps the Kiwis ought to tread carefully.

Conversely, among other things, the ever parochial Kiwis are howling that they are being discriminated against in Australia – that they are being singled out and treated differently from citizens of other countries.. However, like many things being said in New Zealand this falls far from the truth. In fact, the Australian 501 law covers citizens of all foreign countries  and, therefore, Kiwis are not being discriminated against.

In-line to this, the 501 law has been used to deport citizens from numerous countries including the UK and numerous citizens from various countries are housed in immigration detention right now. The numbers though for Kiwi deports are far higher because they represent a far higher percentage of the Australian population than do citizens of other countries. Add to this that because there has been an open boarder policy between New Zealand and Australia for eons, many Kiwis – even though they have qualified for Australian citizenship – have chosen to remain Kiwis. So much for loyalty to their adopted country who for years offered them a far higher standard of living with benefits at the boarder! Essentially, these benefits gave the same rights to Kiwis as Australians. As a result, for decades Kiwis had fled their own country for better life opportunities in Australia. This resulted in Australia becoming essentially a dumping ground for NZ with thousands and thousands of Kiwis becoming burdens on Australian society, joining the dole queue and taking Australian tax payer funded State housing among others.  The equal rights for New Zealanders  only coming to an end in 2001 when Australia, who had been for decades supporting tens of thousands of Kiwis on benefits, negotiated with the NZ Labour Government (then under Helen Clarke) for NZ to pick up the bill for their citizens who were residing in Australia. Clarke (Labour) refused and Australia cut off the dole and other benefits for Kiwis (e.g. university education, State housing, work cover). This said, even though New Zealand, through the Labour Party, refused to foot the bill for their own citizens, in recent times, the New Zealand Government has had the stones to complain about Australian tax payers not supporting Kiwis. This is ironic given Kiwis in their own country find it extremely difficult to get the dole and the same government that has been cutting Kiwis off benefits for any excuse it can find had the nerve to complain about Australia not handing out tens of millions in Australian tax payers funds to dole bludging Kiwis. In the meantime, so dehumanising is the dole regime in NZ that WINZ (Work and Income NZ) staff have been shot and killed by disgruntled beneficiaries. Additionally, threats and assaults against WINZ staff are common due to them effectively being placed on the front line with New Zealand’s beleaguered beneficiaries. For example, In the year to the end of June 2015, 11 Work and Income staff were seriously assaulted, and 413 beneficiaries trespassed for threatening behaviour. Read about this here… Keep in mind that New Zealand only has a population of 4.5 million so these numbers are not insignificant. This said, notably, Labour has never seen fit to walk out of parliament for rights violations against New Zealand citizens who reside in New Zealand and who are on New Zealand benefits. You can perhaps see that where it comes to New Zealand, irrelevant of the ruling political party, there are layers and layers of hypocrisy. Safe to say that when a country that is neck deep in shit points the finger at another and screams human rights violations on the part of their less than desirable citizens who have committed crimes in foreign territory, this more than anything highlights a desperation on the part of NZ politicians to live in denial  in order not to look at their own human rights cesspool of a backyard.

Anyway, coming back to the disparity between deports (501s) of New Zealanders versus others, citizens from other countries  do not have the luxury of staying in Australia as citizens of their own country and, as a result, are quick to become Australian citizens.Therefore, there is a massive/disproportionate Kiwi population in Australia (currently estimated to be at about 1 million) while other nationalities are integrated into the Australian fold quite quickly. A case perhaps of one people under one flag versus a whining mob of foreigners who believe they are entitled to the same rights as Australian citizens. If that were the case this would make Australia unique to every other country in the world where agreements haven’t been reached between countries surrounding the rights of their citizens (e.g. the EU) living abroad.


With a raft of human rights violations taking place daily against New Zealand citizens by New Zealand citizens (just some of these violations enacted by the New Zealand State), rather than looking in their own backyard, Labour and the Greens have instead cherry picked what they incorrectly perceive to be rights violations against Kiwi citizens in Australia. To be honest, the incorrect perception didn’t surprise me. Clearly given the fact that they have remained absolutely silent (not a peep) about New Zealand being called to task at the UN over failing to provide adequate redress to the historic abuse claimants it is clear that Labour and the Greens wouldn’t know human rights if they walked into them. However, given that instead they chose to scream foul on the rights of abusers (pedophiles, violent offenders and those guilty of domestic violence with the number of rapists unknown at this point in time) who are legally detained for deportation from Australia to New Zealand speaks volumes about the current state of play in New Zealand politics. That is, clearly after generations of New Zealand bleeding its brightest and finest to overseas destinations all one can conclude is this brain drain  has been brutal on the Kiwi IQ (think of the film ‘Idiocracy’ when I say this).

To finish this article let me leave a lesson in human rights for Labour and the Greens who walked out of parliament in support of among others, pedophiles, rapists, and men convicted of domestic violence. The lesson is this…The very foundations of human rights are reasonably simple and can be summed up with “human rights are universal, inalienable, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated” and they are “inherent to all human beings.”  However, human rights entail both rights and obligations.  Where someone violates the rights of another (e.g. a pedophile rapes a child) they in turn undermine their own right to have their rights respected. This is what we are seeing today in Australia where New Zealand criminals who have violated the rights of others are incarcerated for deportation to their home country. Safe to say that Australia is not randomly targeting hard working and honest tax paying Kiwi citizens who are an asset to Australia. Safe to say that the human rights of honest, good Kiwis (and there are many) are being respected more so in Australia than New Zealand, which is just one of the reasons why so many Kiwis have hemorrhaged from New Zealand to Australia for decades.

You’d note that human rights are “inherent to all human beings” and they are “indivisible, interdependent and interrelated.”  What this means is that all people deserve equal respect and protection of/for their human rights. What this also means is that those who fail to respect the human rights of all people – cherry picking rights for some while ignoring the rights of others – erode the integrity of human rights. When this occurs , human rights are compromised to such a point that human rights aren’t really respected at all. What we are left with is what Krasner (1999) refers to as “organized hypocrisy”. So as an example of what occurs where organized hypocrisy is practiced, New Zealand today has one of the highest rates of child poverty and child abuse in the OECD. Further, New Zealand has the highest rate of domestic violence in the developed world. In the meantime, New Zealand has entered a reservation to the UN Convention on the Rights Of the Child (UNCROC) that is so wide that it effectively negates New Zealand’s obligations to respect the rights of the child within the international human rights legal framework. As a result, even today New Zealand has failed to implement duty of care towards children into domestic law. As a result, New Zealand is one of the most dangerous developed country’s in the world for a child to grow up in and the single most dangerous developed country in the world to be a women with a partner in. Pretty rich stuff to then walk out of parliament in support of Kiwis convicted of domestic violence and pedophilia in Australia.

As another example of “organized hypocrisy”, what we absolutely know today is that the human rights of the historic abuse claimants – over a thousand New Zealand citizens, most of whom reside in New Zealand and all of whom had their rights violated by the New Zealand State as children -  have had their human rights trampled on by the New Zealand National Government who has treated the claimants with an abject, immoral contempt and violated their human rights once again. A case of those who were denied their rights by the State as children  now, years on as aging adults, are having their rights violated by that same State again.  What we absolutely know beyond question today is that the UN Committee Against Torture, in May of 2015, called the New Zealand State to task on failing to provide adequate redress (including compensation and the means to as full a rehabilitation as possible) to the historic abuse claimants. This has never been spoken about in the house by Labour nor the Greens.. not a peep! You have knowingly stood by and allowed human rights violations to occur without saying a single public word in support of onetime children who were raped, beaten and abused by New Zealanders in New Zealand State institutions in New Zealand territory. What you have instead done is defend what you wrongfully perceive to be the rights of those who have sacrificed their rights in violating the rights of others. To make matters worse you have spat on the historic abuse claimants by not respecting their rights while calling foul on the rights of the type of human vermin who harmed us as children. There’s nothing rational I can take from this – nothing sane. Your actions are devoid of humanity (soulless) and ring of the most debased hypocrisy imaginable.

Here endeth the lesson in human rights and now I desperately need to shower..

For the record, the author is a onetime Kiwi who fled the organized hypocrisy and structural violence of New Zealand and is now proud to call himself an Australian citizen.. He is currently studying an MA in Human Rights care of the Australian people (“one people under one flag”)..Thank you Australia.