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Based on my own dealings with Cooper Legal I obviously don’t have a lot of respect for the firm. This said, and to be absolutely fair, if it weren’t for Cooper Legal the Historic Abuse Claims, in many cases, would have remained buried and hidden from public view and as a result the MSD (Ministry of Social Development), ‘Care, Claims and Resolution’ process would likely never have been instituted, allowing plaintiffs/complainants to settle claims outside of the courts.

Additionally, it was always going to be a tough dynamic for Cooper Legal; taking on a government that was determined to fight against what was just and right – a “moral obligation” as that same government now likes to put it, but only after being out of pocket to the tune of millions fighting (how did they put it?) their “moral obligation” through the courts (one case alone costing the NZ taxpayer $740,696 in legal aid). This, no doubt, acted as powerful stimulus for the NZ Government to find cheaper alternatives to fighting cases through the courts.

Among other things, Cooper Legal’s work has been responsible for:

  1. 60 Minutes and other media coverage of abuse that occurred in NZ State run institutions – leaving the NZ Government red faced and ducking for cover. At least two of the men who appeared in the 60 Minutes coverage were quickly offered token settlements (I believe one settlement of $10,000 NZD and another of $12,000 NZD) which of course the Government went public with as quickly as possible (a cynic might conclude for reasons of damage control).
  2. A landmark case where Cooper Legal represented two brothers for abuse they suffered while in the “care” of the State. In this case, the judge’s factual findings favoured the claimants, but the Crown “escaped” liability on a technical legal issue – the Limitation Act (literally, their legal rights had timed out). This said, it cost the New Zealand Government $740,696 in Legal Aid alone to fight these two cases through the courts. Factoring in other costs (one case taking six years and another case eight years) this likely means the cases cost the NZ Government (the NZ taxpayer) in excess of (estimate only) 1.2 – 1.5 million dollars when factoring in court and defence costs. As of 2010-11 Cooper Legal made a statement to the effect that after exhausting all legal avenues in the NZ Courts they were looking at taking the brothers cases to the United Nations. (Chief Human Rights Commissioner Rosslyn Noonan has strongly criticised the NZ Government, regarding the statute of limitations they have invoked to escape legal accountability through the courts, with:“ The Government should not hide behind a statutory limitation barring most claimants from seeking redress through the courts for actions that occurred more than six years ago. The Crown is not obliged to invoke it. It has chosen to do so.”)
  3. Maintaining pressure on the Government and the Crown to settle the claims out of court, particularly through providing the Human Rights Commission with input into its review of the government’s response to “Historic Abuse Claims.”* (footnote 1)
  4. Submitting information to the UN Committee Against Torture surrounding the NZ State’s handling of historic abuse claims.
  5.  Lodging a formal complaint (“Complaint regarding the Legal Services Regulations 2011 (SR2011/144)”) in parliament about the handling of legal aid in the “Historic Abuse Claims”. In this complaint it was outlined that, 1) cases could drag on for years and the existing LSA system was inadequate for these types of cases, 2) the paperwork required for LSA lodgement was extremely time consuming and that Cooper Legal had been forced to hire a new staff member to keep records etc to meet LSA requirements, 3) that many of Cooper Legal’s clients were unable to adequately fill out forms or meet LSA demands/standards due to reasons such as illiteracy, homelessness, alcohol and drug problems, mental illness etc. As Sonja Cooper notes in this complaint: … why should the lawyer be penalised? I don’t know if you’ve seen a legal aid form lately, but they’re incredibly complex. They require a lot of information. Most of our clients struggle with literacy, and they’ve got alcohol and drug abuse problems, literacy problems, mentally ill. To complete a legal aid form, it’s hard enough, I think, for a lawyer, let alone a client, to complete… Often, too, we might wait for 3 months before Legal Aid comes back to us and says: “This form’s incomplete because you haven’t provided that information.” Why should we be penalised?” (A good point; however, given the situation, one could perhaps also ask why a system wasn’t implemented by the firm to guide plaintiffs through the LSA process/guidelines, and/or to check forms to ensure they were filled out correctly before lodgement with LSA?), and 4) outlining that too many of their clients were losing their legal aid, and/or not being granted legal aid on questionable grounds. This being noted on Cooper Legals website with: Although we are making progress with your claims, legal aid problems continue. The Legal Services Agency is still trying to withdraw legal aid from as many of you as possible. The Legal Services Agency will use almost any reason to withdraw your legal aid. That means if you do not keep in contact with us, or you do not cooperate with us in terms of the work we need to do on your behalf, then the Legal Services Agency will use that as a ground for withdrawing your legal aid.” (Download parliamentary records of complaint)
  6. Being instrumental in creating an alternative way to handle the Historic Abuse Claims outside of the courts. As noted on Cooper Legal’s site under the heading “Out of court process” Cooper Legal note (2nd quarter of 2011): “ We have had two meetings with Crown Law and MSD officials to discuss how we might speed up the progress in terms of resolution of your claims. We have been advised that MSD is hoping to resolve, as a matter of priority, the claims of as many clients as possible who were in institutional/residential care. That will cover most of the clients of this firm. We have been given no timeframe, as yet, by MSD or Crown Law.”* (footnote 2)

With this in mind, it would be too easy to call Cooper Legal/Sonja Cooper an ambulance chaser who has grandstanded in the press raising her firms brand awareness, which was, just by coincidence, the second highest receiver of legal aid funding in New Zealand in 2010 – 2011 as a result of representing over 700 plaintiffs in the Historic Abuse cases.

This said, I must also reconcile with the fact that without the efforts of Cooper Legal many New Zealanders, like myself (albeit I left New Zealand many years ago and now am an Australian citizen), who were abused in state care wouldn’t have had recourse to any form of justice outside of the New Zealand ACC process which has been described as “demeaning, humiliating and flawed” – a process which, just by coincidence, was scrapped by NZ Government in 2010 as many of the Historic Abuse Claims were being settled with damning evidence to support said claims. Given this, it could be said that Cooper Legal championed a just cause in an unjust system. It’s really that simple…


Footnote 1.

Re Human Rights Commission Review of the Handling of the Historic Abuse Claims

Long promised but yet to see the light of day, the human rights report on the New Zealand Government’s handling of the historic abuse claims has been promised for quite some time. I.e. the Human Rights Commission, among other things, noting in a July 2010 Report  (Report to APF15 – Significant Activities): 1)    A review of the extent to which the New Zealand State’s response to historic claims of abuse while in State ‘care’, whether as children or as psychiatric or other patients, meets international human rights standards – to be published in September 2010. (Well not quite – as of November 2012,  2 years later than promised the report remains unpublished with no new concrete deadline)

Footnote 2.

The Ministry of Social Development ‘Care, Claims and Resolution Team’ (CCRT) (link = was established several years ago to investigate and resolve historic abuse claims. They claim:

 “If you are seeking some resolution and possibly a financial payment, we will investigate your case and if appropriate offer you a fair and reasonable payment.

You do not need a lawyer to work directly with the Ministry of Social Development to resolve your complaint or claim. However, you always have the option of obtaining legal advice, if you wish.”

And in a PR spin aimed at responding to 60 Minutes coverage of historic abuse in NZ institutions:

“Ministry of Social Development responds to 60 Minutes story on the handling of claims about historic abuse and maltreatment in State care.

The Ministry of Social Development says its process for dealing with claims of abuse and maltreatment in State care has been working well for some people.

Garth Young, who heads the Care, Claims and Resolution Team says “The Ministry is owning its mistakes and doing whatever it can to put things right.  When we have got it wrong, we acknowledge that and apologise and if there is good reason to offer a financial settlement then we do that too.”

In the past 18 months the Ministry has made 13 settlement offers to people who have been abused or maltreated while in State care.  Most of these offers have included a financial component and acknowledgement of the wrongdoing and/or an apology.”Source:

However, Chief Human Rights Commissioner, Rosslyn Noonan has stated:


“That (the MSD process) has undoubtedly got some positive features to it but it’s still within the ministry. So there is understandable concern, no matter how carefully people deal with it, it’s still not independent of government.”

[End Quote] 

While Cooper Legal points out:


“As we have stated in our recent memorandum and in our earlier newsletters, the offers for clients are at a reasonably modest level, in other words often just enough to be acceptable. We repeat that offers at the lower end have been under $10,000. There have been offers made that are considerably higher than that, but that has only been in cases where there has been very strong evidence on the file itself of wrongdoing on the part of MSD, and/or where the case has been close to trial and we have been able to provide strong supporting evidence.”

[End Quote] 

14 comments on “Sonja Cooper Legal/Cooper Legal

  1. Gavin Brian Christensen on said:

    We have been advised by Jucinda Ardern to contact you .I have been offered 12 ooo dollars by MSD .The last comment was IF DO NOT ACCEPT THIS YOU MAY GET NOTHING.Just the same bully tactics i had for 19years. I would apreciate some advice. THANK YOU

    • admin_grant on said:

      Hi there, thanks for making contact and tend to agree re the bully tactics. Have you spoken to a lawyer about your case? I cannot stress enough the importance of having legal representation to ALL claimants. I’ll contact you via your emai rather than discuss this further on a public message board.

  2. Mark Hewitt on said:

    I have a story to tell re Bill Birch/English , Helen Clarke and numerous other members of government , it resolves around issues of government agents writing and filing false documents to the courts, it has Dr Allan Cooke, Karen Lindberg, Chris Holdaway a Judge mr D.G. Mather all who know this to be true , as well as a one Judge John Adams . It involves ministers of Justice as far back as Doug Graham. I am about to write my story though it is easier to tell than it is to write.

  3. Bronwyn Bradshaw on said:

    Just a query regarding Roxburgh Health Camp in the 1970′s my brother any myself both went there and its a memory I would never forget for all the wrong reasons, the treatment the children got there was downgrading and disgusting. If this happened now you would be in jail. I heard that your firm was dealing with cases and I would like to share our story.

  4. george kiel on said:

    me and my siblings totaling 13 were made states of ward in 1968 untill the late 70s the abuse occured to all of us in variing degrees but my sister being the most dispicable in that at 13 she was rokmed with the foster familys 19 year old son and the truth published that she had “made love to a youth ‘
    she gave birth at fifteen my father upon heari g of this abucted my 2 sisters back and into hidi g but waz tracked down and prosicuted…please help us

  5. Saira Lisette Wood on said:

    I became part of a civil action against the social welfare/ crown with Sonya Cooper Law representing me & my case in 2003/4. Nearly 10 yrs later, I was also made to accept a meagre settlement, or nothing at all, accompanied by a equally meagre apology letter. Very poor treatment by the law firm & the no government after an harrowing experience that has affected the whole of my life & poor recompense

  6. Alice Wright on said:

    I am 57 years old and I personally hold the government of the day for what has happened to myself and my 6 siblings, the abuse that happended to us many years ago happended because of the incompetent so called Social Workers, how I have carried this hatred around for too many years and I now need to off-load it where it belongs.

  7. Connie Johnson on said:

    The problem is, the state who takes these babies/children, off the mother and father, must have a pretty good reason for the mother and father to NEVER see there child again and I won’t name reasons, but the problem is that they are taking and breaking these little family units up when there are no valid reasons when people in jail get more rights than someone who didn’t even have a criminal record when CPS motto is “we have all the resources to help keep families together” to why some people think its okay to ask for help – the state have ALL names on there data system to make contact with these parents but yet 10 years later of a parent holding there hand up and still waiting for valid questions with evidence to be answered?? If that’s not a priority well then I don’t know what is. Maybe it’s because CPS don’t like admitting they are wrong in such a highly regarded position as to dealing with babies. Because a million other people seem to think they are wrong too. Really sickening the amount of power some people have in this world to let something go on this long and in total silence will then why bother setting a age limit to when a child gets to know at 18?? Is 18 old enough to understand all the lies accusations self gratification selfishness illegal going on’s spitefulness etc? I don’t think it is.

    • admin_grant on said:

      Yeah look it’s obviously complex in my view. In the majority of cases where a child ends up in state care or other I expect there was due cause to move the child; unfortunately there’s a lot of lousy parents out there who had no right to have children but because they could perform the most basic human function and had viable eggs or sperm and likely not enough brains to use contraception a baby is born.

  8. Shane sumner on said:

    Hi I was taking from my family and made ward of the state and was put into holdsworth and epuni and abused really bad and am trying to fing legal representation as i have only been made aware i am eligible for historical abuse claims could you be interesred in taking on my case i have only rang oranga tamariki and they told my i am eligible and knew of holdsworth and especially epuni which was pretty much hell behind a key

  9. Ann-Marie Ferguson on said:

    Im the opposite cyf never protected me and my sisters and we were left with parents even though my file says they have seen domestic violence iv drug use and me the 5yr old was caring for a 2yr old and 22mth old baby daily.
    Why wernt they there when we needed them. Im currnently reading my file now and so many chances for them to save us from hell but they disnt untill it was to late the damage was done.

  10. paul daniels on said:

    i was at a boys home in Levin.and beatin up my the head man that run the place mr roseinborg..I was made a state word because I was abused as a child.i to have been waiting to get answers for the last 3 years?

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