Trevor Hall – Serial Paedophile

Note: much of the content of this article surrounding paedophile, Trevor Hall, is sourced/extracted from the work of NZ Channel 3 journalist Rachel Tiffen. With thanks to Rachel for her tenacity and professionalism in coverage of the case. Links to her stories can be found at base of page.

As an update, as of October 2014, Trevor Hall was charged with further child sexual abuse offenses after being given home detention for the charges outlined in this story. He is now remanded in custody awaiting sentencing for 11sexual assaults against 3 children. Hopefully, this time the New Zealand courts send the appropriate message and puts this dog away for the rest of his life. See story here  …. Anyway….

The Face of Evil - Trevor Hall

The Face of Evil – Trevor Hall

There’s nothing more offensive and disheartening for a survivor of child sexual abuse then to pick up a newspaper and read about yet another paedophile that is convicted of sexual crimes against a child only to be handed a sentence that is grossly inadequate and does little to deter further offences against children.

Take, for example, a recent case in New Zealand, where Salvation Army volunteer and recidivist pedophile, Trevor Hall received a whopping one-year home detention and was fined $2000 after pleading guilty to 4 charges of indecent assault against a seven-year-old girl. $2000 measly New Zealand dollars ($1,600.00 Australian) and a year’s home detention – not bad! A young girls innocence stolen, a life in ruins, years of counseling and god knows what else for $2000 and a grossly inadequate slap on the hand. Where’s the deterrent? Where’s the justice? What’s the message? How does this protect children?

Trevor Hall’s Modus Operandi was textbook paedophilia. Join an organisation – the Salvation Army – that offers a veil of respectability and enables access to children, choose a vulnerable target, in this case a lonely single mother and her young daughter who was in need of a father figure, gain their trust and worm your way into their home and lives and exploit them.

The girl called him “Poppa” and the mother trusted him so much that she encouraged him to move into a nearby apartment.

It wasn’t long until the warning bells sounded.

“She kept asking me if she was sexy, and I asked where she got that word from and she told me that Trevor called her sexy,” said the mother. “And she kept asking me if her private parts were beautiful.”

She went to police and Hall was arrested.

The victim’s mother is devastated. “He took her innocence away in such a horrible manner,” she told the court. As a result of this my daughter has started to soil herself, she has nightmares every night and wakes screaming and cries a lot.”

Hall showed no remorse for his crimes with Crown prosecutor Rob Ronayne noting, “What must be of great concern to the court is the fact that this man has tended to the writer of the report to minimise his behaviour by suggesting it was only a bit of a game.” That game included exposing himself, masturbating in front of the girl and inducing her to touch his penis. He also induced her to expose herself.

Hall also blamed his crimes on bad health. “Quite how emphysema could cause somebody to sexually abuse a young girl is beyond me,” responded Crown Prosecutor Rob Ronayne.

However, for Hall, emphysema proved to be his saviour. The 60-year-old claimed his health had worsened since being charged, while his lawyer argued, “because of Hall’s advanced emphysema a sentence of imprisonment would be “disproportionately severe”. The judge agreed and sent him home stating at sentencing,  “I consider that a sentence of [12 months] home detention will bring you to account but perhaps more importantly it will enable a programme of rehabilitation to be put in place.”  But of course… No doubt!! The court had heard how Hall was incapable of leaving home anyway. He can walk ten metres on the level, and can manage six steps before suffering. Thus, in effect, his sentence would mean business as usual. I.e.  Hall will remain supported by a taxpayer funded pension and still be able to eat, drink and smoke whenever he likes. That ought to teach him!

Not to be too hard on  Judge Rollo. One year home detention or six months incarceration, under New Zealand law, a country with a horrendous child abuse problem, is the maximum any judge could hand down.

The issue for sentencing is rating the crime to be sentenced against other sentences handed down for the same offence, taking into account any mitigating or aggravating factors. In this case the indecent assault was a minor one on the scale because there was no actual physical contact. Hall did not touch the girl, but he was in the process of inducing her to touch him. The police summary presents an ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ scenario, and because of this his sentence was already decided in some respects by other paedophiles who have already been convicted and sentenced for similar crimes through the NZ Courts.

If the judge does not adhere to these already established sentencing guidelines his sentence is open to appeal by the defence. This is all canvassed by the judge in his sentencing remarks which set the scene for Hall in the context of his offending compared with other indecent assaults, and shows the judge’s thinking on what aspects he is giving weight to etc.

Thus, in simple terms, on the scale of previous indecent assaults before the court, Hall’s offenses were legally considered minor and would attract a jail sentence of only six months, or home detention of only one year.

Putting this into context, in the same country, someone convicted of a victimless crime such as simple possession of marijuana could face the same maximum sentence of 6 months imprisonment. And if someone were convicted of a property crime such as car theft or burglary they could receive up to seven years imprisonment .

What this really means is that New Zealand places more importance on property than children/child welfare, while a cannabis user is equally as evil as a paedophile… Go figure!

To make matters worse, Hall has previously been convicted in Australia on 10 charges of indecent acts against children – his victims on this occasion being his four-year-old grandniece and nine-year-old grandnephew. The sentencing Judge at the time stating, Hall’s crimes were “one of the worst breaches of trust” he’d ever encountered and the siblings had suffered “a combination of adverse impact and nervous and mental shock”. This said, for such a shocking crime he then handed Hall a lenient 3 year 6 month sentence, of which he served 17 months before being deported to New Zealand.

Obviously, the 17 months Hall had served in Australia hadn’t inspired him to change his depraved ways. Upon his return to New Zealand, Hall was able to volunteer with the Whakatane Salvation Army and begin targeting new victims. What you ask? The Salvo’s deal with some of societies most vulnerable! Don’t they run background checks? As it turns out no… not necessarily! The organisation police-checks anyone who works with children, but Hall taught an adult Bible class and worked in the second hand shop, so wasn’t vetted. The Salvation Army now admits that’s not good enough. Cold comfort for his seven-year-old victim!  They also admitted that some of the staff had come to know of Hall’s past convictions but had failed to report it.  That’s right! Can you believe it? This is where things go from the perverse and twisted to the criminally culpable. “In the past few weeks as we’ve investigated this, we have discovered that some people did have knowledge, but unfortunately nobody came forward.”  Salvation Army spokesperson Lynette Hutson is quoted.

To add insult to injury, when Hall was charged with indecent assault, incredibly, members of the Salvation Army took his side, even after Hall had admitted his crime. Some actually accused the victim of lying and even of “doing it for the money”.  Many of them turned their backs on the mother and child. “All the play dates with the other Salvation Army children stopped for my daughter. She couldn’t understand why,” said the mother. “When my daughter got told that he’d been found guilty, first she started crying and then she said, ‘mummy, mummy, does that mean the Salvation Army won’t call me a liar any more?’”

The mother says she’s now over crying and she believes that the Whakatane branch of the Salvation Army has failed to protect children associated with them, and wants to know how many other young people have to be hurt. “I don’t want an apology from them. I want them not to use any more little girls or little boys who have been sexually assaulted as a sacrifice to try and keep the Salvation Army name pristine”, she said.

On the upside, Trevor Hall’s legal troubles may be far from over. More victims have already come forward and police are investigating. Tragically, some of the victims had come forward before. More tragically, had authorities done their jobs, and had not so many system failures occurred, a child would have been protected from paedophile Trevor Hall. One complainant went to the police in 2005 after her niece and nephew told stories about Hall’s behaviour while babysitting them when she was in hospital. The victims were interviewed by a specialist Child Youth and Family (CYF) team and police but after being questioned they heard nothing more. Police now admit they may have botched it.

In another significant breakthrough, a male family member has come forward alleging that Hall had sexually abused him as a child over 15 years ago. Tragically, he too reported the abuse when it first occurred. His mother had gone to police with the story, insisting that Hall be charged, but in what now appears to be typically NZ form, police dropped the ball. True to MO, several years later, Hall was arrested in Australia after sexually assaulting other young family members – his grandniece and grandnephew. Arguably, three, maybe more, children were sexually abused as a result of New Zealand’s grossly inadequate child protection policies. Arguably, the very mechanisms that are supposed to protect children resulted in anything but.  This extends to today and a NZ judge who feels that a serial child sex offender should be shown leniency because of ill health and a ‘justice system’ (and I use this term loosely) that places more importance on the safety of property than children … to hell with victims.


Links to media coverage by Rachel Tiffen (Channel 3 News, NZ)

14 comments on “Trevor Hall – Serial Paedophile

  1. Mia larsen (nee Joyce) on said:

    I support the historical cases that these victims are going through due to privacy issues I am unable to expose to much information, however I have sent this link and website to the Minister of Social Developement – MSD Paula Bennett, and yes there is alot of questions that need to be discovered this has to be undertaken so that all Tamariki across the world are cared for and protected under the law of the Universe that as a Maori indigenous of Aotearoa NZ we create a safe network amongst ourselves so that the shared information is the tool and the vehicle that is going to help direct this piloted programme into operation redress, recovery and rebuild against violence to families. God Bless his People miaxxx

  2. What a scumbag!

    • Mia larsen (nee Joyce) on said:

      No the systemic failures – National are the scumbags for failing to do their duties as quite clearly stated. This is going to change as these are now being recognised, and should never have happened. So Paula Bennett and John Key both of you can go and suck Trevor, because you were all just as guilty as the paedophile is, the ones that you were all suppose to protect you FAILED, with a capital F, and Salvation Army don’t go holding your heads to high I’m going to knock those blocks of too, justice needs to be served and someone is going to be made liable , accountably and responsible for failing to do your duties, causing harm, sufferance and endangering the publics safety with weak laws to protect society with.

      • admin_grant on said:

        Mia, hi again. Yes I guess it is too easy to get angry, but better yet write to politicians, speak on behalf of those that cannot speak for themselves and lobby/advocate for change. The system failures in this case are perhaps/likely as bad as they get from beginning to end and seemingly no one is accountable. The bottom line – numerous system failures resulted in a young girl being abused and then that same system sent a message to the community that a young girls innocence, childhood and well-being were worth nothing.

  3. Ann Thompson on said:

    The abusers do not care about the child (Boy/Girl) they are sexually abusing, all the think of is their wee little minute of satisfaction. BUT, the child remembers every thing, how they smell, and what they are doing, to him or her. The pain never leaves us. The nightmares every night never seem to get better.

    We the survivors of child RAPE, live a life time sentence, in hell one earth. We serve a life time in prison of our souls, which we can not brake free from. We live a life of shame, blame and pain. And we never forget.

    • admin_grant on said:

      Yes Ann it’s terrible I know. I used to vomit and have a panic attack (it felt like being chased by monsters) whenever I smelt Brut 33. Thank god it isn’t popular these days and I haven’t smelt it for years (touch wood I will never smell it again). And yes, we do never forget unfortunately. I wish we could.

  4. Stephen pahl on said:

    Worst part of being a sexual abuse victim is the medievil stigma that follows me around like a bad stink.

    Once people find out I was molested, they automaticcaly presume i will molest children myself.

    That is the biggest insult anyone could ever give.

    It has caused so much pain in my life.

    It is an ancient knarled root of hate twisted through my soul.

    Any advice anyone can give?

    • admin_grant on said:

      The best advice I can give is don’t tell people. It took me over 20 years to disclose to anyone around me and I quickly learned it created a stigma that simply isn’t worth it. I’ve also found that when forced to disclose (i.e. for medical reasons) this can work against you. Sorry but that is the best advice I can give. Only disclose when absolutely forced to – peoples ignorance of the real issues surrounding CSA are boundless.

      • Stephen pahl on said:

        Ive only told one or two people i trust above all else. They werent the problem.
        Even medical proffessionals look at me differently.

        The main problem are the others who were involved in the initial incedent being in denial and hating that i speak the truth. So they tell people i dont want to know as a way to hurt me.

        Its spread that way

        • admin_grant on said:

          Yes there seems a thing where they sacrifice the child and later adult for the good of the tribe – too stupid to realise that this sacrifice greatly damages the tribe regardless. I think in part for those close to it it is easier to deny because of complex issues such as guilt (should they have known – did they suspect and fail to do anything? etc)

    • Yes- learn just what you soul is – and how to heal it- the very best experts will tell you that is one of the hardest things to achieve – coming to terms with such past events. A man named Santos Bonacci has great work on the soul and healing, videos on Youtube. Child abuse is a part of this Vatican and Crown run system we live in, bcos they aim to ‘harvest souls’ and prevent people from “living” – its by design. Learn about that- and how to heal. Try Santos Bonacci on Youtube. They say it takes hard work- but can be done. Confront it- in full, then grow past it – and you will be stronger than you can imagine. The other side is waiting for you :)

  5. You may be interested to know that Hall is presently in custody awaiting sentencing on a range of charges.

    • admin_grant on said:

      Thanks for the up date. And yes I directed someone to the police re Hall a while back, so no surprises there. Let’s hope that the authorities actually give him some jail time.

  6. Great work guys- documenting this stuff. I note today the Herald have chosen not to mention the Salivating Army who protected him- another Rothschild controlled corporation. is anyone keeping any stats on these crimes? Seems to me around 90% of sex offenders are on the Government payroll- and yet that same Government uses stuff like this to ‘threaten’ the general public with. fact is they are almost always on the government payroll in one way or another- or work for one of these Vatican/Rothschild controlled “charities”. The veil of protection must be removed from all the last hiding places- including Government.

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